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Cleansing the Psyche : Step One : Negation

December 7th, 2009 No comments

Reflection, who has time? Repression, emotions, what? Trusting one’s own intuition and really listening to those parts of you which may be otherwise ignored due to the fact that they may rock the boat.  I challenge you to find anyone not stewing in a vat of self doubt. When do we realize we are over stimulated and under evaluated? Are we capable of maintaining  any individual characteristics while submitting to the collective? What makes us unique? Society pushes us to join the collective insanity by worshiping our celebs and athletes. Make sure everyone knows what team you root for, because that in some way helps define you, right? There is no need to be bored when you can fill your mind and time with completely numbing reality tv,  cooking shows, and for the intellectual we have the discovery channel, but before you pickup that remote maybe you should consider what it may be doing to your unconscious mind. The fact that 5 minutes of tv sends your brain into an Alpha brainwave state is completely horrifying when you realize the entirety of that situation. Please do some research and I promise you will see why they call it tv programming. For those looking for some more challenging scenarios might we offer some video games, or how about the stair master.  However this post is not intended to dissuade anyone addicted to those  forms of self minimization, this is a discussion for anyone who like to get a little more out of life than that. There are many forms of escapism. The average person today uses entertainment, consumerism, and most probably some form of self medication, and why not?  Isn’t that what you do when you are sick?  I propose we are all sick, and could benefit greatly from spending some time denying our collective tendencies and getting a handle on our own individuality and purpose. First we need to do some spring cleaning and take out the trash. Read more…