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Atmospheric Water Harvesting

April 14th, 2009 No comments


Generate pure drinkable water from the humidity in the air.
EcoloBlue™ is a state-of-the-art Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) that produces purified drinking water from the humidity in the air.

To ensure the purified drinking water, EcoloBlue™ uses a multi-stage filtration system free of chemicals, using the “Reverse Osmosis” and the “Ultra Violet” filters, while the “Electrostatic Anti-bacteria & Anti-fungus” filter is cleaning the air in your home/office. The water ready for drinking can be hot or cold 200F or 40F (95c or 5c); a feature also available on all 5 industrial machines. All the AWG machines can be connected to a city water main line and “play the role” of only filtering the water.

EcoloBlue™ offers a full line of Atmospheric Water Generators ranging from a home/office unit, EcoloBlue™ 28 producing 28 liters of water per day up to 5000 liters from our industrial/ commercial units: EcoloBlue™ 200liters – 500liters – 1,000liters – 3,000liters and 5,000liters models, utilizing solar or wind

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