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Smoke, Mirrors, Daggers

December 4th, 2010 No comments

There is exists a family who allowed the wrong person in.  Among this family is the late Michele MacNeill a kind, loving woman was deceived by her husband since the beginning.  Her husband Martin MacNeill was a Doctor,  Attorney, Free-Mason, Shriner, Mormon, Father and as it turns out, serial ritual murderer.  This story is long, complicated and effected the lives of many people.  The story is an example on a small scale the deceit and dark agenda’s of those agents posing in position of authority who use image and brotherhood to carry out criminal activities.  It takes a ‘special’ type of person to trade their humanity for power and give up their conscience to carry out their wills.  We see this happening on the world stage but we are often blinded from seeing it happen in our own communities and families.  Martin Macneill is such a person and is currently serving time in federal prison for a few of many crimes he committed.  The future will hold him accountable for the terrible things he has done against those he pretended to love and those who he pretended were under his medical care.  Take some time to research this man and what he has been doing.  If you can see how he has played out his game of smoke, mirrors, and daggers you will also see how wide-spread  this dark agenda goes. is a collaboration of articles and resources about Martin MacNeill and is a great place to start to begin to enter the realm where men who we would call our brothers see us as nothing more than targets, cattle, mere energy vessels to covet then destroy to transfer life-force energy into control over people and assets.  Our persona is an extension of our soul; Martin’s persona is a strategy, a front designed for tactile parapsychology to levy his mind and environment.

“He plays his parts very well -intimidation and fear- the cocktail for don’t ask don’t tell.”

If you have read conspiracy and are familiar with the Order’s that maintain the strong-hold over our world politics, religions, education, and business, consider outing some of these individuals by name as we have done.

Our evolution begins at the grass roots and to make it manifest we first have to create an environment so beautiful, the trash will naturally see its-self out.  “You don’t find sewer rats in a Japanese tea garden” – Tsarion

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-UG Crew