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jack and jill or earth and nibiru

October 29th, 2011 No comments

so 2012..  we hear all kinds of interesting, funny, scary, absurd and astonishing things about it.  in its simple form a culture from antiquity that was clearly far more intelligent than our own; the maya, created a calender, more like a schedule of humanity, gaia, and the galaxy from the position of earth.  It is said to be a galactic calendar that ends, that is reaches its completion in or around the year 2012.  What does that even mean?  good questions.. to list a few: consciousness evolves to a higher frequency, humans evolve to a higher vibration, some comet will hit earth and cause a pole shift, the red and blue kachina’s will return, the second coming of christ, the sky will be red, earth will go dark for 3 days, solar flare knocks out the power, alien ET’s invade, alien ET’s become our friends, all humans will enter a dream state, half the humans will die and the other half get on a swing that goes to heaven, the earth splits in two, the veil will be lifted, earth enters an age of peace, earth enters an age of war, the list goes on and on.. honestly it seams to be open for interpretation at this point except that we do know that earth and the sun will line up with the center of the milky way galaxy.  One thing I have heard lately is that earth has a twin planet that will collide into earth and also that the events and end of the calendar is actually in 2011 not 2012.  I heard that today actually.  Then I came home and checked out UFO’s photos and decided to watch a UFO documentary on youtube.  For some ridiculously greedy reason youtube has more commercials that watching TV!  So there was a preview for some stupid comedy movie with Adam Sandler.  I was waiting for the skip ad button to pop up when something caught my attention.  The preview had bold letters that hammered the screen that said “TWO UNSTOPPABLE! FORCES COLLIDE!”  Jack and Jill!  – They are twins that collide.  just like they say about earth and planet-x and 2012.  The date its released 11.11.11!  I am getting some serious surges of symbolic references here.  The normal movie preview doesn’t have that super dramatic message about the planets colliding but the short youtube preview does. At the end of the preview at a dinner scene Adam Sandler says “I actually did feel something there.. pride in my son” – after his son hit his twin in the face at the table.  This may not mean anything but just with the timing and words chosen it doesn’t seam randomly coincidental.