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we arent the only ones

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something good must be happening in the world. rather than over-hearing the usual non-sense monkey’s squabble. two girls at borders were talking about going off the grid! it is nice to know that others entertain the similar plans. getting land and building a sustainable off-the-grid house. it was amazing to hear other people with the same plan. it is up to us to turn things around and start helping earth’s immune system so she can handle the remainder of the toxic establishment.

Cleansing the Psyche : Step One : Negation

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Reflection, who has time? Repression, emotions, what? Trusting one’s own intuition and really listening to those parts of you which may be otherwise ignored due to the fact that they may rock the boat.  I challenge you to find anyone not stewing in a vat of self doubt. When do we realize we are over stimulated and under evaluated? Are we capable of maintaining  any individual characteristics while submitting to the collective? What makes us unique? Society pushes us to join the collective insanity by worshiping our celebs and athletes. Make sure everyone knows what team you root for, because that in some way helps define you, right? There is no need to be bored when you can fill your mind and time with completely numbing reality tv,  cooking shows, and for the intellectual we have the discovery channel, but before you pickup that remote maybe you should consider what it may be doing to your unconscious mind. The fact that 5 minutes of tv sends your brain into an Alpha brainwave state is completely horrifying when you realize the entirety of that situation. Please do some research and I promise you will see why they call it tv programming. For those looking for some more challenging scenarios might we offer some video games, or how about the stair master.  However this post is not intended to dissuade anyone addicted to those  forms of self minimization, this is a discussion for anyone who like to get a little more out of life than that. There are many forms of escapism. The average person today uses entertainment, consumerism, and most probably some form of self medication, and why not?  Isn’t that what you do when you are sick?  I propose we are all sick, and could benefit greatly from spending some time denying our collective tendencies and getting a handle on our own individuality and purpose. First we need to do some spring cleaning and take out the trash. Read more…

Internet off-the-grid

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Dish and Modem

There is something quite inspiring about man-made technology being brought into nature; harmoniously that is. A few years back I lived in a cabin in a canyon with satellite Internet and worked my IT job remotely.  Hanging out on the deck outside listening to the stream, the breeze, and wildlife -working from my laptop.
If you feel like you don’t always belong in a city then setup up shop however you are compelled to away from it.  If that involves using computers and the Internet then you are set.

Satellite Internet connections are surprisingly fast and inexpensive considering the technology involved. There are a few providers to choose from however the most notable is HughesNet. They offer the best service and and pricing plans starting from $60/month for 1 Megabit/sec downstream and go to 5Mb/s. You can purchase the hardware up-front for or lease it. They have a solid reputation and stable service.

When using satellite Internet there is a 1/2 second delay compared to terrestrial service. This does not effect the sustained through-put for downloads and streaming media. The signal has to travel 23,000 miles to the satellite and back and does so in 500 milliseconds Read more…

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Geodesic Dome Greenhouse

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Within the sacred spokes of a geodesic dome there lies a garden of fresh organic foods, herbs, and spices. Providing food and medicine for you, your friends, family, and animals. Geodesic domes are a perfect design for maintaining ambient temperatures allowing super efficient year-round growing. Domes are very spatial and extremely strong in comparison to traditional square structures.  Scalable to any application from an small herb garden to veggies, berry bushes and citrus trees(dwarf citrus). Aside from being a sustainable producer of food and medicine geodesic dome greenhouses provide Read more…

The Ultracapacitor

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The near future of energy storage is the ultracapacitor(supercapacitor).  Supercapacitors are capacitors that are double layered with a extremely high energy density known as Electric Double Layer Capacitor (EDLC). They can’y replace batteries in most applications however they can in some. They out perform even the best lithium ion cells without degradation over time.  Charge an electric car in minutes and cell phone in seconds; this storage medium can be charged and discharged in nearly real-time. Read more…

SEG – Searl Effect Generator

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Searl Effect Generator (SEG) is “open system energy converting device” which is “capable of converting ambient sources of energy to electrical power”.

“The Searl Effect is based on magnetic waveforms that generates a continual motion of magnetized rollers around magnetized rings.

The energy conversion needed to power it involves processing of random quantum fluctuations and kinetic energy within the atomic lattice into coherent currents of electron pairs Read more…

Fluoride – another chemical boogy monster

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A significant percentage of tap water, bottled water, soda, juice, dairy and many other products contain an added amount fluoride. Water supplies often contain chlorine, fluoride, metals and other containments that are not safe for the body.  A few of the effects are bone weakening, hypocalcemia, sedation, memory loss and has caused Alzheimer legions when tested on rats. Read more…

Dwarf Citrus

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Dwarf citrus trees are a perfect way to grow citrus for a personal use with limited space, such as in a temperature moderated green house in your backyard.  These tree’s produce a suprising amount of fruit and can be kept under 8′.  Growing fruit such as bananas in Montana for example would be a far stretched reality using full scale tree’s; with dwarfs anyone can produce a variety of different fruit for their garden regardless of geographical location.  Quite amazing.

Check out

Growing citrus typically takes up a lot of space and cannot be done in a small back yard greenhouse.  Dwarf citrus solves that problem as well as vanishing the resources needed to transport citrus interstate.

Electric Transportation

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Contrary to popular market the technology needed for long range electric vehicles has existed publicly for over 100 years.  Imagine that radical changes that would come to surface by implementing electric vehicles in the mainstream.  To not have to pay for gasoline or any fuel at all if the vehicle is charged using a renewable energy source.  To not worry about vehicle maintenance and the constant enslavement required in the operation of combustion engines.  This technology must progress immediately and should be done by new engineers and techno-pioneers as apposed to huge corporations that will find ways to exploit any little cranny they can to keep up the otherwise non-relative service industry. Read more…