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king james in 2011

I was interested to see what kind of person King James (King James VI of Scotland -later also James I of England).  As expected King James, according to the historical record was a real piece of shit.  He spearheaded campaigns such as the Witch Trials and The East India Trading Company.  If you dont know already those two campaigns were pivotal in the creation of the current New World Order and the suppression of the feminine aspects of man, society and deity.  If that wasn’t bad enough, King James is responsible for the implementation of the edited, codified, devalued (Authorized) version of the Bible that we all use today.  Wikipedia has an entire section about his personal life where he was known for switching teams.  He was bisexual/homosexual!  Which is fine, I am not homophobic but the Church is.. yet they are using the bible of a homosexual.  A phrase surfaced back in the late 1700′s about King James, the contemporary epigram Rex fuit Elizabeth, nunc est regina Jacobus (Elizabeth was King, now James is Queen).  hahahaha!

I started checking out the images and coat of arms for King James and it turns out there is a modern day King James.  Lebron James who is an NBA player who’s number is 23.  What is the connection besides he is the king of NBA and his last name is James?  Not to say that Lebron James is anything but a successful basket ball player in his mind and a well paid slave sell out in my mind.  How about you decide if someone is pulling some strings using Lebron as iconography.. Notice any astrological symbolism in your face?  The coat of arms for King James of Scotland has lions. King James of NBA plays for the Miami Heat and shows below rules by fire; Leo.  His nike shoes are the Saturn Symbol of El and the black cloak to go along with that. Surrounded by symbols of the blood line who employs him.  And so on..

Lebron James

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